Using Supersets to Develop Muscle Mass

If you have been lifting weights for sometime or have actually been reading bodybuilding publications and journals, you would have most likely heard of super setting. If you want to be huge, then why didn’t you superset like them given that you have seen that incredibly setting can assist you construct big muscles?

Exactly what is weight lifting superset? A superset is when you carry out 2 workouts back to back without any rest in between the workouts. There are a couple of variations of superset such as, antagonistic muscle superset, pre-exhaustion superset and post fatigue superset … etc. We will discuss just these 3 of the more popular supersets in this post.

Antagonistic Muscles Superset

An antagonistic super set is when you work out opposite muscle group. Although they are opposite muscles, they actually support each muscle throughout your movements. When you do dumb bell curls for your arms, when you lower the dumb bells, your triceps are called into action. Likewise for the negative movement of a bench press, your back is working too like when you are doing the bent over row.

For example of an antagonistic superset on your, say chest and back day, do a bench press regular then follow up with a bent over row or vice versa. That will be one superset. Rest for 2-3 minutes and afterwards proceed with the second set and so on. This will work the muscles involved more deeply than mere straight sets.

Pre-Exhaustion Superset

In a pre-exhaustion superset, you deal with the exact same muscle group with an isolation workout and then follow up with a compound exercise without rest in between sets. For example, still on your chest and back day, you work out with dumb bell (chest isolation workout) then promptly afterwards with a bench press (chest compound exercise).

By carrying out with an isolation exercise first, you pre-exhaust the targeted muscles you are working on, which in this circumstances are your pectorals (pecs) then strike your pecs hard once again with a substance activity (bench press) that enables other muscles that are still fresh such as your triceps muscles and deltoids to assist your pecs in the workout.

Post-Exhaustion Superset

In other words, lift compound exercise first and then follow up with an isolation exercise for the exact same muscle group. It will enable you to raise heavier weight for the material workout due to the fact that your targeted muscle group is not pre-exhausted.

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