Polar CS600X Heart Rate Monitor

Get the Polar CS600X Cycling Heart Rate Monitor W.I.N.D.

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Whether you’re a laser-focused pro or just looking for a way to optimize your training and give it a competitive edge, the Polar CS600X Heart Rate Monitor employes useable, practical, technology to help you get the most out of every single ride. Guessing and estimating leaves holes in your plan. But, the accurate, usable data you get from the CS600X gives you a cohesive picture of your progress and lets you spot areas for improvement. Wireless design is streamlined, clean, and easy to use and you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing it Three different speed modes let you track your actual speed as well as your overall average and maximum speed Altimeter records elevation changes so you can accurately track vert Practical, usable software lets you visually track your heart rate, speed, and distance to ascertain the effectiveness of each training session Beefy computer memory holds three rides so you don’t have to run to your computer after every single ride Handlebar or stem mounting options accommodate your preferences

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