How to Tone Your Butt with Exercise

How to Tone Your Butt with ExerciseHaving a nice rounded butt doesn’t come so easily unless you’ve got superb genes. Nice results return once you work your butt off and that’s the sole thing to succeed.

Working onerous doesn’t mean to try and do 2+ hours of gymnasium or home workouts daily, not even opt to go for uncountable repetitions and set. Carefulness to tone your butt means that to exercise good and effectively!

This physical exertion set up as you may see, it’ll not take you lots of hours however the hours spent on should be ”Quality Time”. Three hundred incorrect reps are less effective than twenty correct reps! You want to keep this in mind as the sole conception that to get great results and to tone your butt is to work out but being Smart.

How to Tone Your Butt with Exercise

Exercise or workout according to medical experts is the best technique to shape up and lift any part of your body. Apart from giving shape it also makes you healthy and active. To lift up or change the appearance of your booty there are following exercises recognized by experts that they are the best to tone your butt.

Hip lifts

Lay down on an exercise mat with a bent of 45 degrees placing your hands at side and your knees bent. The feet should be kept on floor, now slowly and gradually lift your hips up until they are at a same position with your legs aligned and torso. Hold it right there in the air for 10 seconds and then bring down your hips to the floor. And repeat the process.

To have an advanced form of this exercise you must lay down in the same position extending one leg into air with each hip lift or you can elevate your hips first and then extend the legs. Hold for 10 seconds and then bring back in the original position and you are done.


How to Tone Your Butt with ExerciseThe Squat exercise is the mother of the leg exercises. It’s the simplest exercise you’ll do for total development of your legs and particularly your butt and so as to tone your butt effectively you’ve got to like and be a master of this.

If you want to increase the effectiveness of the squats, you should try squats with dumbbells. In each hand with holding a 5 pound dumbbell stand with your legs and shoulders spread wide apart, now squat down like you pretend to sit on a chair, one thing should be kept in mind you have to keep your back straight.

Hold it right there for a few seconds and then squeeze your muscles while returning to the position you were at first.

Sumo Squat is like to the Squat exercise however target completely different angles of your butt and segregate it a lot of. Squat is a wonderful exercise to tone your butt effectively. This exercise should be an important measure for every girl to have contoured glutes.

Heel sky rise

This exercise is done in order to give shape and firmness to your butt. In order to start this over you have to first get on your knees and elbows, and then putting one leg in straight position with your foot flexed. Now focus on lifting the leg from the position of your butt it must be kept in mind that the leg should be kept straight and the butt should not be moved.

Now gradually raise your leg from the ground until it gets in line with your body and back on the ground. This exercise should be performed slowly with continuous pauses at each step. The movements of the body should be controlled and small. If the leg you are raising will be raised at too high it will not tone your butt instead your back muscles will be strained. The ideal height range to keep this exercise smooth is between your torso and the ground.

Single leg ballet kicks

They are done in order to get perky butts and lean hamstrings.  You have to start this exercise by straitening your posture. You have to draw your belly into spine by finding a straight focus ahead with your eyes.

Bring one hand down to touch the opposite toe by keeping up the chest and shoulders at the back.  In this posture you have to stay perfectly aligned and boost up your leg as high as it is possible.

You must get maximum stretch of your standing leg this exercise has to be performed with slow motions and lots of control. If you continue it regularly it produces immense results.

Lower half lunge

These will target your specific muscle areas with an elevation of heart rate. This workout forces your glutes to contract burning your legs. In this technique you have to start in a lunge position resting your back knee on the ground.

Chest should be kept up; your torso straight and your belly aligned with the spine, now slowly bring your knee off the ground halfway. And then go back to the ground. For best results this movement should be performed slowly with at least 15 pulses each leg.


To do this exercise lie down on your stomach with hands placed under your chin. Your feet should be put together and flexed. This exercise targets the area of the glute and helps you get rounded pert butt. Now use your one leg at a time, in this posture you have to imagine that there is a bottle placed at the side of your foot and you have to move your foot over the bottle.

After doing so come back to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. While doing this exercise your focus should be on keeping legs straight and your glute contracted.

Pelvic tilts

This exercise will help you lift your butt. Lie on your back and place your knees in upward position pointed towards your heels. Now slowly raise your hips until tour pelvis is like a bridge.  Focusing on your glutes hold this position for five seconds and squeeze your glutes up and belly down.  Now release and repeat the movements a few times.


It is a great butt toning exercise, with pointing your toes outwards stand straight with your feet a bit wider as compare to the shoulder width apart. Back should be kept straight and arms should be at your front. Now lower down your body and form a squat, and then by using glutes muscles bring you up back to standing position, repeat it for one to two minutes.

Pilates, Yoga and body toning exercises

These kinds of work outs provide a leaning longing effect to the body so you should not worry about getting bulkier. You should join yoga or Pilates studio and go for approximately 3-5 times in week for these classes. Or you can join a gym and opt for best toning classes available. Many of the gyms are famous for providing short classes to focus areas like abs and buns you can opt for them as well.

Butt toning aerobic exercises

It improves your cardiovascular health as well as with tone muscles that you get from aerobic workout. Work or run uphill using gravity as a resistance to tone your back side and core at the same time.

If it’s not possible for you to go out for a walk use a step up machine, use stairs at your home or a treadmill for further inclination. If you want to have lean long muscles do not opt for longer period of time of exercises on low resistance.

Face up

Lay down on the floor with left knee bent and keeping your right leg straight. Rise up your right leg until it gets aligned with your left thigh. Now you have to follow two steps: push hips upwards keeping the right leg elevated and pause there and slowly low down the body and leg back to the starting position.

Repeat the same for your left leg. And repeat for multiple times. The repetitions are higher therefore to require everything of your muscle fibers and to completely exhaust them to tone your butt the simplest.

Now your however should be totally exhausted and alight from the previous exercises. Ten minutes that may assist you lose a lot of body fat and to tone your butt even a lot. The Cardio session that you’ll select does extremely matter to upbeat your butt.

Stretching once workouts is as vital as the exercises to tone your butt. Stretching your muscles can provide you with extra space for muscle development.

As you saw, there should be a sensible approach to tone your butt, but in a tougher and simpler manner, the sole way. Working your muscles with a pleasant management of your movements could be result oriented and currently you should opt for a way to invest your time properly in your butt lifting efforts so as to tone your butt quick.

How to Tone Your Butt with Exercise